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I first fell in love with majolica when I was introduced to Charles Faudree, an interior designer, many moons ago.  I absolutely adore Charles Faudree’s work.  He is classic, timeless, and is all things French Country wrapped up into one look.  His use of patterns and colors are amazing, and he uses majolica throughout his work.  Whether it is displayed on the wall, in a cabinet, or simply sitting on a table, majolica is enveloped with such wonderful color and detail, that it is a true compliment to any room…

IMG_4428I owe my entire collection of majolica to my parents and Handyman Husband!  One Christmas, I unwrapped one majolica plate from my parents.  I was super excited.  I opened up another and another, and before I knew it, I had an instant collection!  Mother and Daddy decided to give them to me all at once to achieve just that…a collection!  It was a true surprise…one I’ll have forever!

IMG_4427There is something about the glazing and the wonderful use of color!


IMG_4430The variety of patterns!


IMG_4434They are hung in the kitchen above the sink!


IMG_4436And these are oh so special because Handyman Husband gave them to me!  I was tickled pink when I opened these.  He researched and shopped specifically with majolica in mind!  He did a great job!




IMG_4441Mother and Daddy recently gave me this little plate!  And the flaw in this plate doesn’t bother me at all…character, right!

IMG_4442And I’m not quite sure how this platter turned out “on the side!”  I tried editing much to my dismay!  But this is the latest gift from Handyman Husband.  He bought this at a silent auction.  And it’s special because it came from a dear family friend from church, Helen!

IMG_4443I love the intricate detail and intense color!

IMG_4445Last but certainly not least is this majolica pitcher that is housed inside my secretary!

My majolica collection is one I truly love, it’s timeless, and one that is inspirational with its use of pattern and color!

Enjoy the day!



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