Instagram Friend: Gudy Herder

It is absolutely amazing what connections you make through social media!  Although I am not an active Facebook member, I am loving Instagram and Twitter!  (Especially Instagram!)  It’s intriguing to scroll through various pictures from people that you really don’t know; however, you feel like you know them!  After awhile of “liking and commenting” on their pictures, you establish a friendship.  I did just that with Gudy Herder in far away Barcelona!!!  She simply posted a picture of lovely blue and white china and asked, “What do you collect?”  Well, of course you know I had an answer…


 Please meet, Gudy, originally from Germany now living in Barcelona!  She is an interior stylist and trainer.  She has worked in retail trade, fashion, luxury and furniture/decoration sectors at the national and international levels.  She also works with several trademark designing accessories.   She teaches classes of Visual Merchandising in the luxury field!  Her pictures are stunning!!!

*This information is from Gudy’s website!  Go take a look!

And you can find Gudy’s blog HERE!  And guess what…today you’ll find Jana Hunter Interiors featured on her blog thanks to Instagram!!!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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