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English Staffordshire dogs have been around forever.  I have adored Mother’s collection for some time.  She has several pairs of dogs.  There’s something about them.  I love how they’re hand painted, they’re stately, and just the fact they’re dogs!  We adore Missy and Molly, our Miniature Dachshunds, but these King Charles Spaniels are so regal…


Handyman Husband gave me my first pair of dogs a couple of Christmas’s ago!  I was shocked!  Familiar to most mantels, my dogs find their special place in the dining room!


I love how this pair features the bright gold!


A few months ago, I found my second pair of dogs!  These aren’t as flashy but a tad bit larger than my first pair!  I felt they were a bargain, and H.H. agreed…I was thrilled!



For me, it’s the hunt.  I love perusing an antique mall from booth to booth not knowing what I’ll discover!



The new pair of dogs balances this vignette in the dining room!  I wonder which pair will be next?  Always thinking and dreaming!

Enjoy the day!




2 thoughts on “Collections: Staffordshire Dogs

  • Your Staffordshire Dogs are lovely. I have always wanted pairs of these, but for some reason I just haven’t ever bought any. Funny how a post can make me think about my past wants.
    Thanks, Patty

    • I’m thrilled this post inspired you to “rethink” collecting Staffordshire dogs! They’re a true treasure and maintain their value too! Thank you for the kind comment and enjoy the day!

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