A Year Ago Today

A year ago today I boarded a plane for a three generation trip to Connecticut!  To say the least, the trip was amazing.  It was such a delight spending time with Mother and Elizabeth as well as touring the state.  The highlight would have to be the entire reason for going.  To visit Bunny Williams at her Connecticut home!  (I may have mentioned this at time or two!)  No words can really describe that day.  I’m thrilled to have the pictures to prove to myself that we had lunch in the conservatory!  So, in honor of this trip, I will be showing pictures highlighting homes, shops, gardens, food, and of course, Bunny next week…

IMG_2492Watch Hill, Rhode Island

IMG_2468What’s so funny is Elizabeth’s two front teeth have arrived, but now the two teeth on either side of her front teeth are now missing!

IMG_2298Just a glimpse of some of the incredible homes!!!

IMG_2259And those familiar with “An Affair With A House” will know this picture!

IMG_2394Last but not least, three generations!  Sadly, it’s our only picture!!!!

So join me next week for a little stop in Connecticut and Rhode Island!  Until then,

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


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