Connecticut: Part 1

As I mentioned on Friday, this week marks one year of traveling to Connecticut with my mother and daughter.  Come along for a virtual tour of our trip!  I definitely look forward to another three generation trip soon.  But for now, it’s nice to reminisce…

IMG_2269The New England area is quaint, quiet, and kind!  I love how their covered bridges are actually marked on the map!  We literally traveled the state in one week which is not hard to do.  Our favorite area was the Northwest corner!

IMG_2274Flowers galore!  Every turn there were blooms!



When traveling, I love the unexpected!  It’s like a tennis match, your head is constantly turning taking it all in…love this architectural tree!

IMG_2277Everywhere you turn there are stacked rock walls!  So simple and yet makes such a great impact!

IMG_2285If the home did not have a stacked rock wall, it had attractive fencing!

IMG_2293And the American flag is a definite staple!

IMG_2279Exterior paint colors were so inspirational!

IMG_2278My favorite parts of the architecture had to be the front entrances!


IMG_2298We took a wrong turn and happened upon this spectacular home!  Don’t you love wrong turns!

IMG_2294Simply grand!

IMG_2290And we cannot forget one of the staples of New England…the white steepled churches!

This sampling of pictures highlights the simple beauty of this state!  It was just a breath of fresh air!  Next, we’ll go shopping on our virtual tour!

Enjoy  the day!


2 thoughts on “Connecticut: Part 1

  • Your pictures are beautiful. It looks so much cooler there in Connecticut than here in Dallas. Beautiful flowers, houses, fences! Thanks for sharing.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  • Thanks Patty! To be honest, it was a bit stifling while we were there. The architecture is so different from that in Dallas or Little Rock, so it was a true treat seeing the lovely homes!

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