Connecticut: Part 2

Antique shopping was a true treat in Connecticut!  We honestly thought prices would be extremely high; however, we found this to be quite the opposite.  We were pleasantly surprised with the affordability and definitely took advantage.  Our first full day was meandering our way to Falls Village, and this day was truly delightful as Mother physically walked into a brick and mortar Country Curtains!  She remembers only perusing through their catalog years ago.  She bought curtains for her guest bedroom and is actually hanging them this week.  (Yes, a year later!)  We stumbled upon large antique malls and quaint shops.  One of our biggest shopping days was in Woodbury, the antique capitol of CT…

IMG_2333If I were to have a shop one day, this would be a definite inspiration!

IMG_2308A few of these antlers came home with me!  The colors, styling, and just the items themselves are dreamy!








IMG_2335Adore the simplicity and texture!  Thinking Daniel’s room!


IMG_2342By the end of the trip, the rental car’s trunk was full, and things were overflowing into the backseat.  We shipped everything home except for a couple of fragile pieces.  That is the way to travel!  Next, we’ll visit a precious farm stand and gardening store!

Enjoy the day!



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