Connecticut: Part 4

We finally ventured onto the interstate and headed down towards Mystic.  There were absolutely NO billboards or advertisements along their highways.  It made for such a pleasant drive.  As we headed towards Mystic and the coast, we detoured over to New Haven to see Yale University.  Such a treat with its amazing history and architecture!  Towards the end of our trip, we were ready to see the ocean…

IMG_2392We arrived in Mystic, and the water was gorgeous!


IMG_2385That’s a c-130 flying…took this for Handyman Husband!

IMG_2382And when in Mystic…must at least take a picture although we didn’t eat there!

IMG_2374We opted for seafood instead!  And speaking of seafood…

IMG_2397At age 12, I created a list of “must do’s!”  Now, they call it a bucket list.  Some crazy things are on my list.  Like having lobster in Maine on the coast wearing shorts and a t-shirt wearing a bib kind of list!  After researching food in CT, they are known for creating the “Lobster Roll.”  So when in Rome, I mean CT, order the lobster roll!  At age 40, I had my first lobster.  And sadly, I wasn’t impressed!  Neither was my 6 year old daughter…glad she didn’t wait that long for her first lobster!

IMG_2495After touring Mystic for a day, we headed over to Watch Hill, RI to go the beach!  What a delightful treat!

IMG_2486Elizabeth literally jumped for joy with excitement!  The water was freezing!!!  And instead of seashells like I’m used to, it’s rocks up in these parts!  We collected some pretty ones to bring home!

IMG_2534The homes were STUNNING!  These were taken while driving!



I hoped you’ve enjoyed reminiscing with my during this journey!  And I can’t forget the entire reason for this vacation…to have lunch with Bunny Williams!

IMG_2019We stayed at The Falls Village Inn in which Bunny decorated!  The restaurant is absolutely delicious!  And such a friendly staff!



IMG_2020And what an amazing surprise…we met and dined with Eric Ruquist, Bunny’s head gardener.  The man responsible for the fabulous grounds!  He signed my book too!  So talented and kind this man!

IMG_2239Last but not least, Bunny!

IMG_2241And this trip was for Mother!

A three generation trip of a lifetime!!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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