Old-Fashioned Fun!

Today winds down our summer!  It’s bittersweet.  Although I love to watch the kids grow, it’s hard to think they’re growing up!  What have I learned this summer?  I have learned that there is absolutely nothing better than old-fashioned fun!  The school year means schedules, activities, homework, alarm clocks, etc.  And I’m determined to keep up the old-fashioned fun during the school year.  Just because we begin to incorporate “the school stuff” into our lives again doesn’t mean we have to forget what we’ve learned.  Less can be more.  I’m learning this also applies to decorating!  As I enjoy this last weekday with my family, I am embracing the lesson learned.  Life is too short to let life pass us by…

IMG_4687We live by a creek and often you will see photographers taking family pictures!  And each time I think we need to do that!  So, spur of the moment last Sunday after church, we did just that!


IMG_4702We had a little fun!

IMG_4717Found the tiniest baby frog ever!

IMG_4745Took off our shoes and enjoyed the cool water running over our toes!

IMG_4759Took advantage of the “big” rocks!

IMG_4796Started exploring and new it was time to change!




IMG_4859Daddy taught us how to skip rocks!

IMG_4863And we (the kids) were soaked!

IMG_4862Sitting back and having some old-fashioned fun is a remedy!  It’s a remedy for slowing down and not getting “caught up!”  Relax a bit, enjoy life, and above all HAVE FUN!!!

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!



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