First Day of School

Today is the first day of school!  Hard to believe that summer is over, and we are embarking on another school year.  We met Elizabeth’s teacher this past weekend at “Meet and Greet.”  I just had a gut feeling that this year was going to be great, and her teacher confirmed that notion!  She’s an absolute doll!  This morning we woke up to the usual “Happy First Day of Second Grade to You!”  I think you know the tune!  Chocolate Chip Pancakes were served, and the traditions began…

IMG_4907We took the annual “Today is the First Day of…” picture!


IMG_4912The first steps out the front door!  It’s a treat to walk to school on this morning!

IMG_4916Daniel joined us!  He woke up crying that Sissy was going to school!  Handyman Husband is recovering from knee surgery, so the crutches won!  He gave her a big hug and kiss for luck!

IMG_4925She was a little teary eyed as I was leaving!  The sweetest family, new to our school this year, comforted her as I was walking away.  I thank them for that!!!

IMG_4923Self-portrait time!  My sweet pea is growing up!  It’s almost time to pick her up…I can’t wait!!!

Here’s hoping your first days of school are super!!!

Enjoy the day!


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