Back-to-School Teacher Gifts

It is a tradition that I give teacher gifts during the first week of school!  It’s just a little something just to say “thank you for teaching and loving my children!”  As you know from my announcement a few months ago, I am working with Chris Olsen.  Love that talented man!  He has a weekly t.v. spot, and this week’s segment was Back-to-School Teacher Gifts.  Watch it here!


IMG_4974I loved the idea so much that I created three decoupaged pots myself!



IMG_4977Use rulers as a card!  And be sure to write the quote on the backside of the ruler too!

IMG_4978Elizabeth wanted to add her own touch to the gift!

IMG_4980How great is the dictionary paper!  It features the definition of “teacher!”

IMG_4981The teachers were thrilled!  If the plant does not survive, the decoupaged pot is still a fantastic place to store school supplies on their desk!

IMG_4987Daniel had a great first day!

IMG_4990I’ll share what I did on my first day without kids with you later this week!

Enjoy the day!


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