Utilizing Closet Space

My son’s closet has been a catchall since he was born!  I stored items in his closet that did not belong and truly I didn’t need anymore (fabric samples, blankets, etc.)  This week I had my first day without kids home and instead of lounging, watching movies, and eating bonbons (only in my dreams!), I organized his closet and room…

IMG_5040The closet is now organized, useful, and kid friendly!  (And Mommy friendly too!)

IMG_4962Here’s a reality check!  I failed to take a before picture of the books.  They were in the blue and red bins.  All of his books had been thrown into these two storage bins piled on top of one another.  He would only read the books on the top of the pile.


IMG_5037This past weekend I was on the hunt for a bookshelf to house his books.  The goal was to create a library feel as well as an invitation to grab a book!  Not only did I find the perfect bookshelf (it’s staying black until I find the time to paint it), but the plan worked!  He is so happy and is discovering his books all over again!



IMG_5043The bags on the top shelf hold boy clothes for the future…thanks Diane!  Eventually, they will be stored in clear plastic bins.  And there is even extra room to boot!


IMG_5039I also cleaned out drawers that were full of diapers, ointments, crib sheets, etc.  This day was long overdue!  Although I had much rather been eating bonbons, this accomplishment ended up being a sweet treat!  I love how the closet is now an extension of his room!  And the closet doors have been open all week!

What have you been organizing lately?

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!



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