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Yesterday our neighborhood garden club kicked off the new year with a grand tour of a local Little Rock garden!  And this garden did not disappoint!  5 acres nestled right in the heart of the city.  We were welcomed with a Garden Cocktail and were off on our walking tour…

IMG_5176The property is divided into “rooms” and is utilized for charitable events up to 200!





IMG_5187This coy pond is in its final phase of completion!  It will be grand!


IMG_5190Some of our lovely ladies with our host, Mr. Clark Trim, a Master Gardener!

IMG_5194The vegetable garden was amazing!

IMG_5199Whether it be large pots or raised beds, this garden was a slice of culinary heaven!

IMG_5206This Meyer Lemon was in bloom and was “oh so delightful!”



IMG_5217Amazing okra!  I had no idea their blooms were this great!



IMG_5223After our lovely garden tour, we sat down to the most delightful lunch!

IMG_5224As you can see from this menu, we savored each and every bite!  Although Clark’s partner, Henrik, was unable to join us, he did prepare our scrumptious meal!  And they are owners of Colonial Wine and Spirits for all the local folk!


IMG_5233Too pretty to eat!  But I managed!

IMG_5234Locally made Feta cheese!  Who knew!

IMG_5236This sweet treat was the perfect ending to the day!  A HUGE thank you to our host, Mr. Clark Trim, for not only welcoming our group into your garden, but for also making us feel so at home!  Your gracious hospitality was ever so kind!  And a big thank you to our new president, Laura, whose enthusiasm is contagious!

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


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