September Culinary Club

I cannot believe it’s almost officially fall!  Our temperatures are beginning to cool off in the mornings, but we’re not quite to the fall like weather that I adore.  Culinary Club met last night at my house.  I made up our menu during a sleepless night last week when our temperatures were reaching 100!  Therefore, we dined on a summer like menu…

IMG_5282I love setting a table!  I chose to mix the “really nice” with the “everyday!”

IMG_5284Mixing crystal is so fun…the wine glasses were bought in Milwaukee when I was 21!  They’re Baccarat, and I do not know the pattern!  Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers is my everyday, and the stainless steel flatware came out for easy clean up!

IMG_5288I was most thrilled to FINALLY use these depression glass bowls.  The pattern is “Pineapple,” and these were the very first “antique” I ever bought at age 18 in college!!!  Although candy dishes or compotes, I envisioned them as soup bowls!

IMG_5290And as mentioned before, I love anything with a pedestal!

IMG_5299Our cocktail was the Pioneer Woman’s Mango Margarita!  And they were oh so good!  Easy and fun!

IMG_5301Chilled Strawberry Soup was served in the pedestal “bowls!”

IMG_5303The main course was the Pioneer Woman’s Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing!  I added shredded Rotisserie Chicken for extra protein, but honestly, next time I’ll leave it off!

IMG_5305Our dessert has the best story of all!  In 13 years of Culinary Club history, this No-Bake Cheesecake Pie takes the “laughter award!”

IMG_5310Diane chose to make a homemade “Double Blueberry” topping instead of using Blueberry Pie Filling (which I’m really not a fan and so glad she did!)  Well, I was telling a story and noticed Allison’s teeth were blue, and I’m really trying not to laugh.  Then I realized Shelly, Beth, and Diane’s teeth are also blue!  (Colleen was out of town)  Shelly starts laughing, and then all of us started and could not stop!  So sorry I didn’t include our blue teeth, and it may be one of those “you had to be there” stories, but I had to share!

IMG_5292On a side note, these dishes were also purchased during the same time as the “bowls!”  Also candy dishes, I envisioned them as salad or dessert plates which we opted for last night!

Remember to think outside the box when entertaining and be sure to serve some Double Blueberry topping for some extra fun!!!

Enjoy the day!


P.S. Our appetizer was a Black Eyed Pea Cheese Dip which was really great, but I failed to take a picture!

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