Front Porch Fall Decor

I’m glad to be back!  I’ve been recouping from my trips, catching up with clients, and enjoying some intermittent fall breaks from school.  That being said I have been meaning to show you the front porch that’s decorated for fall with a bit of Halloween thrown in to the mix…

IMG_5719Fall is my absolute favorite time to decorate, and it’s a true labor of love!

IMG_5721I switch everything around until I’m satisfied!  It probably has changed at least 5 times!

IMG_5723Both sides of the steps are utilized with a variety of pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and gourds!



IMG_5709Using a Croton plant is a must…it screams fall!

IMG_5702I always incorporate a fall garland with lights for Halloween!  This year I added the pumpkins that say “Trick Or Treat!”  I needed something to balance the polka dot white pumpkins!


IMG_5699 I painted the letters to mimic the pumpkins!

IMG_5695The wreaths on the doors are new this year too!  I’ve always just used the Indian corn but thought I’d add a bit more to them this year!

IMG_5703I decided to keep the ivy in the concrete pots and see how it does over the winter.  I added the curly willow branches for a touch of fall and will leave them in during the winter months!

IMG_5673A little vignette sits on the front step!

IMG_5716The Hostas, Vinca, and Impatiens are still looking great!

IMG_5715And we can’t forget the cornstalks!  Oh, how I adore my cornstalks given to us each year by Handyman Husband’s co-worker, Stan!  Read about my cornstalks here!

IMG_5727Overall, I’m pleased with the additions to this year’s front porch!  Hoping you are enjoying this special time of year!

Enjoy the day!


P.S.  Read about last year’s fall front porch here!

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