Happy Halloween (A Day After)

Happy Halloween (a day after)!!!  I hope your evening was full of treats and not so much tricks.  The Hunter household enjoyed a lovely family Halloween party hosted by none other than our daughter, Elizabeth.  I’m so impressed by her that I just have to share…

IMG_5860The idea for her party all started with this “to do” list!  This list has been posted on the fridge for at least 4 weeks!

IMG_5863The playroom was finally straightened up…a huge plus!  Elizabeth decorated the table, and I love how she had the paper towels out too!  As my parents and their dog, Jiggs, (he was invited too) entered the party, spooky music was playing!

IMG_5864Each year we add to our Halloween decorations, and this skeleton was chosen!  And with this picture, I see someone has written on the cabinets!!!

IMG_5871The rest of the decorations were made by Elizabeth and have been up for weeks in preparation for the big day!




IMG_5873Love the glow in the dark spiders taped to the wall!



IMG_5870Blurry picture of the chalkboard!

IMG_5875Lightening and thunder as part of the hanging mobile from the ceiling fan!

IMG_5878Along with the moon and stars!


IMG_5881She decorated the entry table as well!


IMG_5857She had party favors for all the guests with our names written on each cup!  (Notice the Kroger sacks on each side of the chair for trash…love this detailed girl!!!)  We also played a game “Guess how many pumpkins Mommy is thinking.”  Each winner received a piece of candy!

IMG_5859Mother made Bunny a witches’s cape, so she was dressed for the party!  I failed to take a picture of the homemade pumpkin cookies we made, and she iced.  See Bunny’s special cookie she’s holding!

IMG_5846The kids always want a “spooky” carved pumpkin!  Handyman Husband did not let them down!  And guess what he used to carve the pumpkin…a power tool!  He was in heaven!

IMG_5835The ladybug and skeleton were ready!

IMG_5841Mother and Daddy thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth’s party, and our bellies were full after enjoying some homemade chili, a Halloween tradition!

IMG_5850Overall, it was an evening I’ll never forget!  So proud of our baby girl!

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!



2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween (A Day After)

  • What a lovely party. Kudos to the Ladybug hostess and her skeleton sidekick. I love her list.

    I came here looking for bamboo tables and landed on your July party post. Lovely site.

    • Hi Jean! I’m thrilled you found my site and thank you so much for the kind compliment! I am also proud of the ladybug hostess. Thank you again and enjoy the day!

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