Oh Christmas Tree!

Hello from icy Little Rock!  Were you hit by this lovely weather?  We are just oh so thankful for our electricity staying ON during these last few days!  The weather started turning early Friday morning.  School was canceled Friday (and today), and the Designer Breakfast and Wildwood Holiday Tour of Homes were canceled too.  That being said, our house was decorated prior to the winter storm thanks to the tour, so these last few days we have relaxed, played lots of Parcheesi, and did I say relax!  Every morning I have enjoyed my coffee while enjoying this view…


IMG_6147Our Christmas tree!!!  I’ve sat for several days now enjoying this view; however, do you see something missing?  Yes, the upper portion of lights went out!  This morning I had to do something about that!

IMG_6150I may have stolen borrowed a strand from the dining room greenery!  Much better, but there’s just a tad bit of twinkling lights on the upper right side missing.  Yes, I’m very picky!  (It’s the decorator’s eye!)

IMG_6153So, I stole  borrowed one last strand from the dining room, and as I sat back down on the sofa to admire the view, the word that came to mind was contentment!  I’m learning more and more about the word contentment.

IMG_6149Thank goodness there was only one broken ornament as I added the extra lights!

IMG_6155Our Christmas tree does not stray from my design philosophy, that your home should tell a story!  There are several ornaments from my childhood on this tree!



IMG_6168I may have to “recreate” this idea with my kids!

IMG_6162This one was made in elementary school when we could say and spell “Merry Christmas” in the public schools!  Remember those alphabet noodles???  Are they still made?

IMG_6164Daniel from Mother’s Day Out 2 years ago!

IMG_6158I’m loving Handyman Husband’s recliner and tv ornaments hanging side by side!

IMG_6169I save everything!  Mother saved all the Christmas tags and turned them into ornaments!

IMG_6161Here’s one from my Yaya next to a ladybug which reminds us of her!

IMG_6165Even a box of animal crackers from Big Yaya to Elizabeth hangs on the tree!

IMG_6166Loving the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus with Joseph too!

IMG_6175And our tree is topped with an angel!  The kids really want a star!  We’ll see about next year!

IMG_6110Although it takes time and energy to go from this…

IMG_6153To this!  It’s all worth it!  And remember this Christmas season to be filled with contentment!

Enjoy the day and stay warm!



8 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree!

  • I spoke with my Aunt and Uncle who live in Little Rock and they did lose power so you lucked out! Beautiful tree and it reminds me of ours. While I enjoy the beauty of a perfectly put together and coordinated tree, I more enjoy our tree full of old and faded ornaments that tell the story of my three kids and their childhood. Thanks for sharing and, btw, love the animal cracker box…may have to borrow that one!

    • Hi Diane! Bless your aunt and uncle! Hope it came back on quickly! Thank you for your kind comments and concur with you! Yes, please use the cracker box idea…enjoy the day!

  • Gorgeous tree , Jana! I always try to put as many meaningful ornaments on the tree as I can. I love how your mom saved all of those ! Priceless. I wish I had a few from when I was growing up. Our tree is full of ornaments the boys have made over the years and I love
    it. We didn’t get the snow and ice until Sunday, and it snowed most of this morning, which was beautiful. Now comes the cold air…

    • Thank you so much Liz! That is so very special to have a tree filled with family memories. Now you will be able to pass down the ornaments to the boys!!! Enjoy the day! Lucky you to have snow!!!

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