Welcome 2014!

It is hard to believe we have surpassed another year, but I do have to admit that I enjoy welcoming in a new one!  A new year symbolizes many things:  renewal, peace, a fresh start, etc.  I no longer make the typical “New Year’s resolutions.”  Instead, I think of ways to enrich my life.  This enrichment is a process.  I don’t expect to achieve everything in January…I have 12 months to accomplish a variety of “feelings” if you will.  Feelings of gratitude for so many things…my family, church, business, clients, friends, and those in need.  The pressure of being “perfect” is fading away and other things are taking its place.  This year I will be focusing on breathing/balancing, prioritizing, and relaxing.  My dear friend and client, Colleen, has inspired me to think of acronyms for my business.  I am working on that but felt it would be a great start for me personally as well…BPR!  We shall see what this year offers…

IMG_6474The Christmas decorations are officially packed up!  The house is back to “normal,” and our home is “undecorated.”  For me, this time of year reflects simplicity.  I have some boxwood wreaths for the front doors, but for now, I am reveling in the tranquility of clean doors which equates a time for breathing, serenity, and comfort.  Whatever doors you walk through this year…

I wish you the happiest of years, I challenge you to create acronyms for your own life, and above all, I wish you peace, health, and joy!

Enjoy the day and Happy 2014!


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