Kitchen Tweaking

Not only have I been enjoying my new “BPR” way of thinking, but I also have been tweaking things around the house.  I started in the kitchen with a simple swap of a few items…

IMG_6475I adore a lamp in the kitchen!  Your kitchen is not only a place where you prepare meals, but it is also the most lived in room in the home.  Whether it’s with family or friends, where do we congregate first?  The kitchen!  So I like to treat the kitchen as an expansion of our living space.  I am currently working on a kitchen renovation that I cannot wait to share with you!  The results will be this philosophy to the tee…to live and enjoy your kitchen to the fullest!

IMG_6476My painted lamp, courtesy of Mother, has sat inside this wire platter, but it wasn’t the right fit.  I do like the circular shape, but it just wasn’t sturdy enough.

IMG_6481Enter this new Italian wooden tray!  This tray was a Christmas gift to Handyman Husband filled with all sorts of Italian goodies for us to cook together!  I love when a gift is “dual purpose!”  Not only will we enjoy a great meal, but this tray will be a reminder of the evening as well as serve its new purpose to house the lamp.

IMG_6482I kept tweaking and placed two of Little Rock’s most favorite cookbooks from the Junior League to raise up the lamp!

IMG_6483The colors work too!

IMG_6484I use this green depression glass spooner daily as well as the Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz salt and pepper!  This tiny majolica dish was a gift from Mother!  You can barely see it, but I cut the “plastic overlay” from the gift to serve as protection at the bottom of the tray from any spills or splatters!

IMG_6487It’s amazing what a little bit of tweaking can do to bring a smile to your face!  Now if I could just find a place for my oil painting!  

Enjoy the day!


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