Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Last night, Lily Garden Club was inspired by Angie from Botanica Gardens with orchids!  Orchids have to be one of my absolute favorite flowers!  I blogged about my very first orchid awhile back.  Read about it here.  Orchids are the perfect Valentine gift for a special someone or for yourself…

IMG_3194This miniature orchid was a special gift from Handyman Husband!  Although I no longer enjoy its blooms, I do enjoy its leaves.  Orchids are so architecturally graceful!

IMG_1723I will admit…I am technically challenged.  For some, that may be hard to believe, and for most, this admission is no surprise!  Case in point, I have tried and tried to turn this picture the correct way and have had no luck!  This fabulous picture (tilt your head to the left) was sent to me via dear friend Beth!  She is an orchid enthusiast as well.  Her orchid has bloomed tenfold this year!  Amazing beauty!  Beth says she waters once a week by soaking the orchid and then allowing ALL water to drain.  She has a wonderful kitchen window that provides ample light!

IMG_1566And just this morning, dear friend Jill sent me this picture of her orchid!  (Please tilt your head to the left one last time!)  The blooms on the left are silk; the bloom to the right is fresh.  As Jill awaits her orchid to re-bloom, she adds silk stems, so she still enjoys the “idea” of the orchid.  Great tip!!!

Thank you to Angie for your orchid inspiration (apologies for no pictures!), and to Beth and Jill for sharing their orchid inspiration!

May you all enjoy this Valentine’s Day and happy weekend!


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