A Surprise in the Mail!

As a child, do you remember what it felt like to receive a letter in the mail or better yet a package?  Does that feeling really ever go away as an adult?  Nope!  Especially when you have no earthly idea who it is from, and you are not “expecting” anything…

IMG_6700Well, hello Seattle’s Best Coffee!  This fabulous gift came in the mail just last week!

IMG_6705These lovelies were included in this surprise gift!

IMG_6706If you love coffee as much as I do, especially in the mornings, then this “Spirited Start” is a great beginning to your morning!  It’s their new breakfast blend!

IMG_6707And then of course, I love my coffee in the afternoons as well!  This “Born in Seattle” house blend is a great “pick-me-up” as I call it!

IMG_6708On my way to see clients last week, this handy traveling coffee cup was the perfect size to not only house my coffee, but also kept it warm during my travels too!

IMG_6711But honestly, what surprised me most was that my business card was attached to one of their K-cups!  Talking about personalization!!!  I attended Blissdom last year in Dallas, and Seattle’s Best Coffee was a sponsor.  Usually, you talk with vendors at these conferences, and that’s pretty much it.  However, almost one year later, Seattle’s Best Coffee continues to forge a delightful relationship with those who attended!  The fact is not only did they keep my business card, but they sent a fabulous surprise gift as well!  So, I say thank you to Seattle’s Best Coffee!  Thank you for making me feel special!  The next time you’re strolling down the grocery store aisle, remember this brand because they will remember YOU!

Enjoy the day!


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