New Shell Planter

My brain truly thinks outside of the box, and my new shell planter proves this point!  A few months ago, I was strolling down the grocery aisle, and a rather large, black plastic shell caught my eye!  It was just sitting there on top of the Cokes.  I picked it up, looked around, and saw one of my favorite grocery clerks.  I told him I’d love to purchase the shell, he looked at me, and then proceeded to find the manager.  When I told the manager, I’d like to purchase it, he also just looked at me and then took it to the seafood department, and sure enough, it had belonged to them.  They were going to throw it out.  The manager gladly handed it to me, and said it’s yours…

IMG_6712Behold my new shell planter!

IMG_6716When I saw this shell in the grocery store, I immediately knew what I would do with it and where I would put it!

IMG_6714I knew I would paint it gold…I was not only looking for something different, but was also looking for a little more glitz in the dining room!  I love the striations of the black that can still be seen!

IMG_6717And of course, anything with “feet” I just adore!

IMG_6718The moss adds texture and covers the plant base!

IMG_6720The gold also ties in the black and gold wall sconces as well as the lamps and tray!

IMG_6724I am absolutely not afraid to put something free and different in the dining room!  Thinking outside the box always makes me happy, and this new shell planter definitely tells a story!

Enjoy the day!


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