Spring Has Sprung!

I cannot begin this post without extending my heartfelt prayers to those affected by the tornados this past Sunday!  I do not watch the news, but I was glued to the television Monday evening.  There was an amazing message that resonated with every person interviewed:  community, family, and faith!  There are many ways you may donate and help these communities rebuild!

Spring has sprung!  I anticipate this time of year.  The fresh new green grass popping through, breathtaking blooms, and children playing outside…

IMG_7115And I love awaiting the Hostas as I watch their leaves unfold!


IMG_7141I just love the color green!  (Can you tell?)  It’s my signature color, not only for my business logo, but for our house as well!

IMG_7187All of the various shades of green work!  I thought about adding a pop of pink but happily decided against it!

IMG_7135Each year the Creeping Jenny amazes me!

IMG_7161Its lush carpet of green has almost filled up the entire front beds on both sides!  Just a few more feet, and both beds will be complete!

IMG_7174I enjoy taking pictures on not so sunny days!  This was taken just prior to some rain yesterday.  There’s a certain calmness that clouds bring about!

IMG_7133Although I really enjoy our front doors not being “dressed,” Mother and I are hosting a wedding shower on Sunday, and I felt this nice touch of spring would be perfect for the party!  I had the best time making these wreaths this past weekend!

IMG_7130The ivy in the concrete pots on the front porch survived our very cold winter!  I was thrilled!  I’m ready for the ivy to really begin creeping up the topiary!

IMG_7179I kept the outdoor pillows out all winter!  It just adds that fun punch of green!

IMG_7149The front beds at the street have completely filled in…the Creeping Jenny and Boxwood hedge!  I enjoy manicuring the Boxwood hedge by hand.  And to think those were pretty much baby Boxwoods when they were first planted!

IMG_7155In no time, the grass will be lush, and we will enjoy its glorious green once again!  I hope you are enjoying this spring!

Enjoy the day!


P.S. Stay tuned on Friday when I announce something fun!

2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  • Love your landscaping, especially the beds with creeping jenny. How do you keep it in control? I planted some to fill a hill in my back yard and it keeps on getting into the grass. I placed a row of rocks at the base of the hill, but they have gone over that and into the grass.

    • Hi Renee! I just posted a blog entry inspired by your great question! My apologies it’s taken me awhile to respond! Good luck with your Creeping Jenny and thank you for your question! Enjoy the day!

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