Our Home Featured on KTHV’s “Today’s Home with Chris H. Olsen!”

WOW!  Tonight is the big debut!  Our home will be featured on KTHV’s Today’s Home with Chris H. Olsen!  I just found out for sure it will be airing tonight.  Chris and his crew arrived last Tuesday to film.  I thought he’d be filming a cooking segment in our kitchen, but instead Chris did an entire home tour…

IMG_7038Chris is hysterical!  Love his sense of humor!  Scott Romine is the one man show!

IMG_7039I’ll be just a surprised as you are when it airs!  I may have been shoving placing a few things in Elizabeth’s closet while the front part of our home was being filmed!

IMG_7041Elizabeth was thrilled to know her room would be featured!

IMG_7046Like I said, love Chris’s personality!  Isn’t this picture great!

IMG_7060Chris talking about green being a color!

IMG_7059I had a great time having Chris and Scott here!  And Renee’ Valdov, Chris’s chief marketing officer, was helping as well!  We’ll have our popcorn ready!  Can’t wait!

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


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