A Gift!

Recently we became godparents to a precious baby girl!  It was truly a joyous occasion.  Her grandmother wanted to give us a gift.  I responded with “being asked to be her godparents is the true gift.”  And it truly was!!!  After everyone had left the reception, the grandmother gave us this…


IMG_7192I could not believe my eyes!  Tears, tears, and more tears!  Such beauty!

IMG_7191This icon of the Virgin Mary and Christ has an amazing story!!!  It was given to the grandmother in Romania when they took their own daughter to be baptized.  A gift given from Father John, their priest in Romania, was now bestowed to our family!  WOW!  I cried with astonishment!  I new this cherished keepsake would have a special place in our home.  There is little to none wall space left!  Prior to the wedding shower we hosted on Sunday, I placed the icon on the entry table, and I love it there!

IMG_7193The burl wood frame is perfect against the gold gilded mirror!


IMG_7195This icon’s dimensional features are incredible!

IMG_7197This gift truly has a place of honor as you walk into our home!

IMG_7203And I have thoroughly enjoyed its presence as I sit on the sofa in the mornings having my coffee!  It is truly an honor being asked to be godparents, and this precious gift will forever be a fond reminder of that special day!

Enjoy the day!



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