Controlling Creeping Jenny

Oh my, it’s been awhile!  I hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying summer!  Although I have not been blogging per say, I have been posting pictures on Instagram!  It’s been my “instablog” tool lately.  Feel free to follow me…Jana Hunter Interiors!

I recently received a question from Renee, “How do you keep your Creeping Jenny under control?”  That is a great question Renee, and one I thought I’d never need to tend to!  Our Creeping Jenny was planted several years ago in spurts, and the goal was to fill our front beds.   This goal has pretty much been achieved; however, I never dreamed I’d need to keep it under control…

IMG_7135You can see the Creeping Jenny beginning to creep into the monkey grass earlier this spring!

IMG_8042After returning from vacation, the Creeping Jenny had enjoyed creeping while we were gone!  I enjoy a more manicured look although it looks great as a “natural” ground cover as well!

IMG_8043The beds at the street were just as unruly!  It’s amazing how quick it covers the flagstone!



IMG_8048So let the trimming begin!  If you had told me I’d literally be cutting this Creeping Jenny, I would have laughed!  It truly can take over!

IMG_8053Fortunately, Mother needs Creeping Jenny!

IMG_8060Much better!



IMG_8063Here is the magic tool!  Mother gave me these Felco pruners years ago!

IMG_8066A fabulous tool for your gardening needs!

IMG_8057So after hours of trimming, cutting, pulling, and pruning, the Creeping Jenny is under control!  Renee’s Creeping Jenny is planted on a hill and is taking over.  She’s tried a variety of “stoppers” but has had no luck. I have discovered that you simply have to control it yourself.  Although it pains me to trim, cut, pull, and prune something I so preciously babied over time, I am thankful the Creeping Jenny has done its job!

Enjoy the day!



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