Let the Kitchen Remodel Begin!

We discovered we had a sewer leak inside our kitchen wall a few months ago when we were having our outside vents sealed!  Our kitchen tile floor had cracked, and we knew something wasn’t right.  After calling our insurance company and meeting with the appropriate people, the news was…to tear out kitchen cabinets, tear out granite countertops, and replace the kitchen floor.  “Okay,” I said!  This means I was now my own client!  Although an all white kitchen is lovely and very desirable these days, this concept will not work in our home.  An all white kitchen is too “clean.”  Not “clean” in the sense of  filth, but “clean” in “paint color terms.”  Our home has warmer colors throughout; therefore, the kitchen needs to relate to the rest of our home.  It has been very exciting choosing new finishes for our kitchen remodel.  Follow me on Instagram for some sneak peeks during this remodel!  Until then, here are a few “before” pictures…

IMG_8068These cabinets along the back wall will be torn out!  Our new cabinets have been built and are ready to go!  Thankfully, they were able to use our existing cabinets doors as I adore the moldings!  A bonus of a kitchen remodel is the fact that when all goes back into the kitchen everything will be organized!!!  I cannot say that right now!  My dear friend, Melissa, from “In Chic Order“, will be helping me get organized!





IMG_8138Our seating is also changing!  I have 8 bar stools for sale!


IMG_8074Today, the tile floor is being removed as well as the cabinets and countertops!  Once this occurs, the new cabinets and countertops will be installed.  And then comes the new flooring! It looks like eating out may be in our future!  It sounds appealing now, but I’m sure we’ll be ready for some good home cooking in our “new” kitchen!

Enjoy the day!


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