10 Ways To Ruin Your Party

So, there may be a bit of sarcasm behind the title “10 Ways To Ruin Your Party!”  On Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Foodie Friday Event in conjunction with the Arkansas Woman Bloggers Conference in Hot Springs.  I offered 10 Tips that will hopefully not “ruin” your party but only help, and Read More

Summer Cocktail Contest

So I decided to enter an online contest!  The Adventures of Tartanscot’s Summer Cocktail Contest!  I am a big fan of Scot Meacham Wood, and you will be to (if you’re not already) after you see the grand prize…   HELLO stunning bar cart!  Courtesy of Scot’s blog!  His design is perfection!  And I learned that Read More

Details: The Bar

The new bar in the living room is making me smile!  And that is what our home is supposed to do…make us SMILE!  You know that I truly believe your home should “tell a story,” and a few things on the bar do just that…  The sterling silver tray was a wedding gift from Mother Read More

The Bar Is Open!

A few weeks ago, I posted “I Am on the Hunt For,” and I was searching for a bar to put in the living room.  Well, I found the “pieces” to this puzzle, and I’m thrilled with the results…  If you had told me I would have chosen animal print for the living room, I Read More