Please Join Me!

I am thrilled to announce, “The Art of…Classes!”  Once a month, I will be hosting a DIY event with drinks and light appetizers for a fun-filled evening in my home!  Interior decorating and entertaining are true passions of mine, and “The Art of…Classes” is an opportunity for me to share my joys with you.  The Read More

New Shell Planter

My brain truly thinks outside of the box, and my new shell planter proves this point!  A few months ago, I was strolling down the grocery aisle, and a rather large, black plastic shell caught my eye!  It was just sitting there on top of the Cokes.  I picked it up, looked around, and saw Read More

Back-to-School Teacher Gifts

It is a tradition that I give teacher gifts during the first week of school!  It’s just a little something just to say “thank you for teaching and loving my children!”  As you know from my announcement a few months ago, I am working with Chris Olsen.  Love that talented man!  He has a weekly Read More

Oyster Shell Lamps

As I little girl, I loved to collect seashells!  And even as an adult, I have enjoyed doing the same activity with my daughter.  Many bags of seashells have come home with us from the beach, and they have sat in a closet until now.  One of my favorite shells is the oyster shell.  I Read More

Bedroom Lamps

Several months ago, I went antiquing with Mother and Daddy and found some treasures.  I created a “duck hunting vignette” for Daniel’s room from this trip which you may see here.  Also on this trip, I found a pair of these…  Or should I say Mother found these lamps! My first thought was NO WAY! Read More