10 Ways To Ruin Your Party

So, there may be a bit of sarcasm behind the title “10 Ways To Ruin Your Party!”  On Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Foodie Friday Event in conjunction with the Arkansas Woman Bloggers Conference in Hot Springs.  I offered 10 Tips that will hopefully not “ruin” your party but only help, and Read More

Kitchen Tweaking

Not only have I been enjoying my new “BPR” way of thinking, but I also have been tweaking things around the house.  I started in the kitchen with a simple swap of a few items… I adore a lamp in the kitchen!  Your kitchen is not only a place where you prepare meals, but it is Read More

New Oil Painting

I began collecting oil paintings a few years ago!  Art is very personal.  It should speak to you in a way that makes you smile.  Its value doesn’t necessarily need to be driven by its price tag or if it’s a “signed” piece.  Handyman Husband and I were recently invited by my client and dear Read More

Pumpkin Cheesecake

This week I hosted Lily Garden Club, and we met on the screened in porch!  It was a lovely, crisp evening.  For this group, the host or hostess provides a dessert and coffee.  I served Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Jill, a dear church friend and avid reader of my blog (thank you Jill!!!), approved of this Read More

Vancouver Here I Come!

I am headed to Vancouver this week!  As I take part in this journey, I look forward to sharing some great things with you upon my return… Source  I’ve never been, but I’ll take this view any day of the week!  I just have a couple of days to sightsee, and the foodie in me Read More

September Culinary Club

I cannot believe it’s almost officially fall!  Our temperatures are beginning to cool off in the mornings, but we’re not quite to the fall like weather that I adore.  Culinary Club met last night at my house.  I made up our menu during a sleepless night last week when our temperatures were reaching 100!  Therefore, Read More

Culinary Club: August

August has flown by!  It’s the end of the month and that means Culinary Club!  We met this week at Allison’s home.  We only had 4 out of our 6 attend, but it was still delightful… It was my turn to make the cocktail!  We enjoyed sipping on a Raspberry Lime Tequila cocktail! And these Read More

Connecticut: Part 4

We finally ventured onto the interstate and headed down towards Mystic.  There were absolutely NO billboards or advertisements along their highways.  It made for such a pleasant drive.  As we headed towards Mystic and the coast, we detoured over to New Haven to see Yale University.  Such a treat with its amazing history and architecture! Read More

Connecticut: Part 3

We adored the quaint towns as we meandered across the state of CT!  We happened upon a wonderful family owned garden center that also housed the sweetest “farmer’s market.”  And antique shops popped up all over the state… Everything was so lush! The concrete was fun to see! I loved this bunny honoring our “Bunny” Read More

Impromptu Entertaining

Although it’s nice to plan your party with weeks notice, it’s also fun to plan one on the spur of the moment!  My client recently did just this!  She decided to host a casual birthday celebration for her husband with two days to spare.  The venue was their home and dinner would be served outdoors. Read More