Kitchen Tweaking

Not only have I been enjoying my new “BPR” way of thinking, but I also have been tweaking things around the house.  I started in the kitchen with a simple swap of a few items… I adore a lamp in the kitchen!  Your kitchen is not only a place where you prepare meals, but it is Read More

Happy Halloween (A Day After)

Happy Halloween (a day after)!!!  I hope your evening was full of treats and not so much tricks.  The Hunter household enjoyed a lovely family Halloween party hosted by none other than our daughter, Elizabeth.  I’m so impressed by her that I just have to share… The idea for her party all started with this Read More

Memorial Day

Yesterday, we paused to thank the individuals who currently serve our country, have served our country, and most of all to think of those who sacrificed their lives for our country!  For us, it was a family day, and we thanked Handyman Husband, who served in the United States Air Force for 23 years…   Read More

Valentine’s Day: Take Two

Hope you all had a splendid Valentine’s Day!!!  On Wednesday, I shared the fabulous cookbook “Greek Revival Cooking Food For Life”  by Patricia Moore-Pastides.  I had great intentions of cooking that fabulous meal but in reality… Handyman Husband and I enjoyed takeout (and paper towel napkins!) from our favorite mom and pop Chinese restaurant, The Read More

Weekend Musings

Handyman Husband’s birthday weekend was jammed packed with activity!  Unfortunately, his duck season did not end with a bang!  But I would say his weekend did… Daniel and I took him out to lunch…beer and wings!  He loved every bite as well as the huge piece of chocolate cake and ice cream! I’m not sure Read More

Happy Birthday Handyman Husband

Today we celebrate Handyman Husband’s birthday!  He’s spending his birthday morning in a grand way (for him)…he’s duck hunting.  Let’s pray he limits out!  After hunting, Daniel and I are taking him to lunch (most likely wings…again, for him!)  And then he has a very special evening planned…a date with his daughter!!!  Tonight is the Read More

Happy Veterans Day!

What is Veterans Day?  It’s a day we honor ALL of the men and women who have served in the military.  It’s a day we are to reflect, to be thankful, and to pause.  Pause and to say “thank you.”  Reflect and really think about those who have served as well as their families who Read More

Guest Blogger: Handyman Husband

Part One: The Life of a Blogger’s Spouse One day last year my wife was extremely nice to me and told me she wanted to attend a Blogger’s Conference in L.A.  My first question was “What in the heck is a Blogger?” (Notice I am using my inside or polite voice.  As a retired military Read More