Polishing Silver

Polishing silver can be a chore; however, once the endeavor is complete, it’s well worth it!  I do not have a huge collection of silver, but what I do have, I treasure.  This past weekend it was definitely time to polish the silver…



BIG difference!  These sterling silver candelabras were my college graduation gift from my parents!




And sparkly clean!


I use Wright’s Silver Cream and love it!  Simply use a small amount of silver cream on the provided sponge, buff (I had to scrub a bit harder this time!), and rinse in warm water


It really makes a huge difference!  This polishing will last maybe 2-3 weeks!  And although this is just a sampling of what I polished, overall, it is well worth the time and energy.  When I walk throughout our home, I smile seeing polished silver!

Enjoy the day!


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